Welcome to my new home for the 2011-12 election cycle.  Here’s what I just posted on the About page at our new blog, the Election Petri Dish.

This is a blog about the mobile platform in politics and advocacy campaigns around the world. We’ll link, cross-post and comment on anything that looks interesting. But mostly, these are the good as well as the goofy ways that hacks, flacks and technorati vie for smart results by phoning it in, typing or texting, using the mobile platform. Your humble correspondent blogged about the 2008 U.S. elections at Adoftheday.net, and it turned into one of the definitive books in online campaigns of that cycle. We hope for even bigger things this time around.

The Petri Dish will cultivate the growth of the latest, most worthy experiments using mobile technology on political, advocacy and crisis campaigns, anywhere on the planet. A shout out to my friends at Grassroots Unwired for getting this opportunity on track!